UP’s Core Values

Values are a guidance, belief, comprehension, norm, philosophy and ethics that act as a culture of thinking and behaving in Pertamina University. The values that are embedded in an environment has a big impact on the character and behavior of people within it. Every environment has its own values that apply to its members, which also applies to Pertamina University as a higher education institution that comprises of teachers, staff and students with different socio-economic backgrounds.

UP’s core values act as a guidance and reflection that are believed and agreed upon to improve the performance of our teachers, staff and students. Our values are no ordinary ‘written rules’, the values act as a basis and systematics that have become the ‘tenets’ of the campus. UP’s core values are also used as the spirit and soul of the campus.

These are the 6 values that are always applied and upheld in Pertamina University:

Qualities and actions that reflect to the Spirituality value:


 1. ‘Good Intentions’ Quality


  • “I will make sure that everything I do is in accordance with justice and goodwill.”
  • “I am glad and proud that I always try to put kindness in every single action I do.”
  • “I am certain that I can take full responsibility of my actions and words.”


  1. ‘Steadfast in Virtue’ Quality


  • “I will behave rightly at any time and place possible.”
  • “I will encourage people to do the right thing.”
  • “I will solely focus on doing what’s right and useful.”


  1. ‘Peaceful’ Quality


  • “I will choose dialogue over violence to solve problems.”
  • “I will keep the tolerance between people with different opinions and beliefs.”
  • “I will act fairly to people with different opinions and beliefs.”


  1. ‘Compassionate’ Quality


  • “I consider my friends as my own family.”
  • “I will be empathetic with people in need and hardships.”
  • “I will eagerly try to help people in need and hardships.”


  1. ‘Contemplative’ Quality


  • “I will think before speak and act.”
  • “I understand that every action has its consequences and thus I will act carefully.”

“I will fix my mistakes and wrongdoings.”

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.” (Samuel Johnson)


Qualities and actions that reflect to the INTEGRITY VALUE:


  1. ‘Honesty’ Quality


  • “I will always be truthful to people and myself.”
  • “I will fulfill my promises.”
  • “I will do the right things.”


  1. ‘Trustworthy’ Quality


  • “I will act consistently according to my life beliefs and principles.”
  • “I will always uphold the truth.”
  • “I will always be on time on all occasions.”


  1. ‘Fair’ Quality


  • “I will always act fairly.”
  • “I understand and respect other people’s rights.”
  • “I will think carefully before I act.”


  1. ‘Respect’ Quality


    • “I will respect others.”

<li“I will try not to be unjust and disrespectful towards others and myself.”

  • “I will treat others politely and respectfully.”



  1. ‘Responsible’ Quality


  • “I am responsible of all my choices and actions.”
  • “I will admit my failures and mistakes.”

“I will be responsible not only to myself, but also to people around me.”

“Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it” (Frank Tyger)


Qualities and actions that reflect to the PROFESSIONAL AND INNOVATIVE VALUE:


  1. ‘Reliable’ Quality


  • “I will act accordingly to what I’ve said previously.”
  • “I will do all my assignments competently.”
  • “I will find the best solution to all the problems I’m currently facing.”


  1. ‘Accountable’ Quality


  • “I will do my assignments carefully and transparently.”
  • “I will create great ideas to help finish my assignments.”
  • “I will take initiative to schedule and make sure my assignments are done properly.”


  1. ‘Managing Self, People, and Task’ Quality


  • “I will become an expert on everything I do.”
  • “I will treat others authoritatively.”
  • “I will organize others proportionally to get the best results.”


  1. ‘Loyal’ Quality
  • “I will give my best while being responsible.”
  • “I will prioritize my team’s success over anything else.”
  • “I will be consistent on doing what’s right even if it means I’ll have to make sacrifices.”


  1. ‘Focus on Target’ Quality
  • “I will passionately try to achieve my targets and goals.”
  • “I will make decisions according to what’s being prioritized.”
  • “I will present my ideas to help fix unsuccessful tasks and plans.”

”Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” (Pat Riley)


Qualities and actions that reflect to the EXELLENCE VALUE:


  1. ‘Strive for the Best’ Quality


  • “I will aim for the most excellent results.”
  • “I will learn from the best.”
  • “I will work hard and intelligently to achieve my targets.”


  1. ‘Perseverance’ Quality


  • “I will look for solutions for bad situations.”
  • “I will always try to give my best at all times.”
  • “I will always try to grow even in hard situations.”


  1. ‘Go the Extra Mile’ Quality


  • “I will do more than what I’m asked.”
  • “I will add a value to every action I do.”
  • “I will focus on improving my work quality.”


  1. ‘Innovate’ Quality


  • “I will always try to find new ideas and innovations.”
  • “I will find creative solutions for my problems.”
  • “I will be the leader of change.”


  1. ‘Continuous Improvement’ Quality


  • “I am a lifelong learner.”
  • “I will pay attention to the quality of my performance.”
  • “I will receive comments and criticism to help improve myself.”

“Global mindset is a set of attributes and characteristics that help global leaders better influence individuals, groups, and organization unlike them self”

(Manousr Javidan)


Qualities and actions that reflect to the GLOBAL MINDSET value:


       1. ‘Globally Competitive’ Quality


  • “I will eagerly try to learn and be fluent in foreign languages.”
  • “I will compare my knowledge to global standards.”
  • “I will keep on updating my knowledge with newest informations.”


       2. ‘Value New Experiences’ Quality



  • “I will appreciate and eagerly try new useful methods in life.”
  • “I will recommend new useful methods to others.”
  • “I will share my new experiences to others.”


      3. ‘Value Diversity’ Quality



  • “I will be friendly with anyone regardless of their place of origin.”
  • “I will stay neutral and fair while making decisions.”
  • “I am open to make new circles with new people while also keeping the communication between the members.”


      4. ‘Adaptable’ Quality



  • “I will try to perform well even while in challenging situations.”
  • “I will look for opportunities in new environment.”
  • “I will learn the essence of adaptation in all situations.”


      5. ‘Self-Confidence’ Quality



  • “I will present my creations and ideas proudly.”
  • “I will do my assignments with everything I have.”
  • “I will be confident but stay humble at all times.”

”When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.” (Susan Sarandon)


Qualities and actions that reflect to the SOCIALLY RESPONSIBILE VALUE:

     1. ‘Empathy’ Quality


  • “I will be aware of other people’s feelings.”
  • “I will use my senses to understand other people’s feelings better.”
  • “I will treat others without any prejudice.”


      2. ‘Caring’ Quality



  • “I will think before I act.”
  • “I will focus on maintaining good relationship with others.”
  • “I will set my ego aside.”


     3. ‘Sincere’ Quality



  • “I will be truthful and sincere towards others.”
  • “I will avoid any kind of lie and hypocrisy.”
  • “I will do my assignments sincerely with all my heart.”


     4. ‘Empowering Society’ Quality



  • “I will support others to become better.”
  • “I will act as a mentor for myself and others.”
  • “I will become a part of the solution, not the problem.”


     5. ‘Beneficial to Society’ Quality



  • “I will proactively contribute more to others.”
  • “I will spread kindness to others.”
  • “I will be part of the society.”
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