University of Pertamina Through #AkuMauBantu Raise Funds to Help the Victims of Flash Flood

Jakarta – The flash floods that happened in several areas of Jakarta and its surroundings, had washed away some of the belongings of the residents. One of the areas that were heavily affected by it was Kampung Parung in Tangerang. Through the program of #akumaubantu, Pertamina University had provided disaster relief for the victims of flash floods at Posko BKM Dapur Umum Parkor in Tangerang on Monday, the 6th of January 2020. 

#AkuMauBantu is one of the Disaster response programs that is initiated by the Institution of Research, Community Services, and Innovation of University of Pertamina (LPMMI – UP).

The fundraising itself began since the 3rd of January 2020 and was accepting blankets, clothes, diapers for both babies and adults, first aid kits, sanitary napkins, vitamins; and food such as food and milk for babies and instant food. 

The donations were handed over to the local leader at Posko BKM Dapur Umum Parkor and to be distributed to approximately 50 families. Posko BKM Dapur Umum Parkor is located in Kampung Parung Kored RT.03/ RW.03 Kelurahan Parung Jaya, Kecamatan Karang Tengah, Kota Tangerang, Provinsi Banten.

In addition to that, #AkuMauBantu had also provided counseling for the residents in the area. The counseling sessions were given by one of the lecturers from the Communication Undergraduate Program, Dr. Farah Mulyasari, S.T., M.Sc. regarding the mitigation efforts; and by three lecturers from the Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Program, Dr.Eng. Wahyu Kunto Wibowo, S.T., M.Eng, Aulia Rahma Annisa, M.T dan Herminarto Nugroho, S.T., M.Sc about the anticipatory steps and how to secure the flow of electricity in the case of flash floods. Vice-Rector III of Research, Development, and Cooperation of Universitas Pertamina, Budi W. Soetjipto, Ph.D. had also attended the event.


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