Universitas Pertamina Students Win Three International Achievements at Derrick 2019

Mahasiswa Universitas Pertamina Dalam Kompetisi Derrick 2019 yang diselenggarakan oleh PEM Akamigas Cepu

JakartaUniversitas Pertamina Students are back and winning three international achievements this year. This time comes from Petroleum Engineering 2016 and Electrical Engineering 2016 in Derrick 2019 on the 27th-28th of September 2019. Derrick is a prestigious Annual Oil and Gas Intellectual Competition that is conducted by Energy and Mineral Polytechnic (PEM) of Akamigas Cepu.

In the competition, Pertamina University has got new achievements. Firstly, are The Second and Third Winner of the Well Design Competition that each of which is won by Circu.id Team, consisting of Hafni Wahyu Wiharlan, Reifandi Redhiza, and Hapsoro Bagus from Petroleum Engineering and Al-Drake Team which is consisting of Yasir Fadhillah, Restu Gusti, and Arya Dwi Pangestika also from Petroleum Engineering. Secondly, is The Second Winner of the Geothermal Power Plant Design Competition which is won by the Artesian Team, consisting Dafi Al Madani (Petroleum Engineering), Dewi Sabrina (Petroleum Engineering), Willy Naufalindo (Petroleum Engineering), and Fahmi Nur Sandi (Electrical Engineering).

“For the Well Design Competition mechanism, participants were given data logging to design the well to be ready to flow hydrocarbons. The challenge was to use the most efficient cost as possible. And for the Geothermal Power Plant Design Competition mechanism, we were asked to design surface facility to produce geothermal well,” Yasir said, representing the Pertamina University team.

Dean of the Faculty of Exploration and Production Technology, Prof. Dr. Rer. Nat. Awali Priyono expresses his proud towards those excellent students. “I am thankful for them for gaining new experience and achievements. I am sure this will be such an inspiration for other students as well to achieve even more”, he said.

Other than that, there are so many lessons we can take to contemplate during this competition. There is a pride attached to them for making the name of Pertamina University go higher. We hope that Pertamina University can be gaining even more achievements from other competitions either nationally or internationally.


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