Universitas Pertamina Student Achievement Appreciation Night

Jakarta  Universitas Pertamina through the Directorate of Student Affairs Talent Development and Student Organizations Function held the “Universitas Pertamina Student Achievement Appreciation Night” on February 26th, 2020. The event took place at the Auditorium.

This activity is a form of appreciation for various achievements that have been carved by Universitas Pertamina students since it was established in 2016. These achievements have led Universitas Pertamina to achieve the 96th place of Student Rankings from more than 2000 Non-Vocational Education Institutions. With this activity, it is expected that the motivation and enthusiasm for student achievement can continue to increase.

This activity was also attended by Prof. Ahmaloka, Ph.D., Chancellor of Universitas Pertamina; Prof. Dr. Ir. Ichsan Setya Putra, Deputy Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs; Dr. Dofa Purnomo, Deputy Chancellor for Financial and Organizational Resources; Budi W. Soetjipto, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research, Development, and Cooperation of Universitas Pertamina; Prof. Ir. Suprihanto, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Infrastructure Planning & Industrial Technology; Prof. Dr. rer nat. Awali Priyono, Dean of the Faculty of Exploration and Production Technology & the Faculty of Science and Computers; Prof. Dr. Ir. Dermawan Wibisono, M. Eng., Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business & the Faculty of Communication and Diplomacy; Dr. Eng. Rangga A. Sudisman, Director of Student Affairs; Teuku Muhammad Roffi, Ph.D., Manager of Talent Development and Student Organizations; Chairpersons and Trustees from all Departments, Head of all Departments, and the Achiever Students.

The Achievement Appreciation Night event was opened by Prof. Dr. Ir. Ichsan Setya Putra as Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs. Then followed by a keynote speech by Prof. Akmaloka, Ph.D. as the Chancellor of Universitas Pertamina. On the occasion, Prof. Akmaloka advised students to maintain and improve their achievements in various fields with the tagline “Keep it UP & Achieve”.

Award nominations are categorized for outstanding students and the awarding of the achievement from several categories, namely :

  1. Award for Universitas Pertamina Outstanding Student of the Year 2020 that has been selected that is Fahdly Awaluddin from Chemistry Department batch 2017, Universitas Pertamina Student Outstanding Student Runner Up 2020 that is Donovan Rendi Suherman from Chemical Engineering Department batch 2017, and Favorite Universitas Pertamina Outstanding Student 2020, that is Sri Dewi Handayani from Environmental Engineering Department batch 2017.
  2. Sports Achievement Award won by Martial Arts UKM.
  3. Art Achievement Award won by Choir UKM.
  4. Award of Achievement in the field of Scientific Work won by Andi Muhammad Syafii from Chemical Engineering Department batch 2017.
  5. Award for Academic Olympics Achievement won by Erwin Fernanda from Geophysical Engineering Department batch 2017.
  6. Award of Achievement in the field of Innovation and Technology won by Adhitya Ihza Mahendra, Alzahid Muhasabah, and Satrio Dewo. All three are from the Computer Science Department batch 2016.
  7. Award of Achievement for Department Student Association Activities by HMPS Computer Science Department.
  8. Award for Community Service Achievement won by Islamic Spiritual UKM.

This activity was closed with suave, dinner, and Betawi dance performances by Traditional Arts UKM. It is expected that such activity can motivate and spark enthusiasm in achievement so that it can improve the ranking of Student Affairs Universitas Pertamina from 96th place to the top 10.


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