UBRINGING: The Strategic Role of The Upstream Industry in Supporting National Energy Security & The Value of Leadership

Jakarta – One of the biggest suppliers of energy in Indonesia comes from oil. Hence it is important for us to continue to explore about new reserves that are in Indonesia and continue to advance in the technology that we need to use in this Industry.

On the 21st of March 2019, Universitas Pertamina held 2 sessions of UPBRINGING that invited Dharmawanti Samsu the upstream director of PT. Pertamina and Denise Cox from the American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG). Samsu is very enthusiastic about his job in the industry, and had started the session with an opening quote “A man without ambition is like a bird without wings.”. In his session he had talked about where we are right now in the industry, where to go and how. Both the oil and domestic gas production is now steadily decreasing whereas the oil consumption is stealthy increasing. Based on the data shown, around two thirds from the west of Indonesia is matured basin, the other third from the east is filled with gas potential that we still need to explore. There are new inventions to apprehend this situation. Here, he states that both technical and cultural diversity is very important amongst other aspects. To end the session, Samsu he parted with a part of shared his wisdom for his audience whom are mostly university students, “Have depth and breadth to what you know, and technical competency is what you must have, but the real competency that is needed is the behavioral aspect of the competency.” Which means that we also need to build on our soft skills and have a good attitude.

The second session was led by Denise Cox who talks about “The Value of Leadership in your Geoscience Career – Life Lessons from the Petroleum Industry. She first started by saying that extractive industries are cyclical, but your career doesn’t have to be! In this session she talks about 9 traits that a leader must have. First is that you need to have a vision, because “… without a vision there is no direction/drive.”. The second thing to do is have focus, here you need to define that vision. After you have a focus, she encourages us to take calculated risks. Life has its up and down, hence Cox has said that we must have resilience and perseverance. Next, the technical competence credibility. Cox has highlighted that the technical competence part we get from our grades, whereas the credibility part is how are we going to take the knowledge that we know and apply it. The seventh is Network. Cox has quoted her grandmother on this and said that “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Here she encourages us to be worth knowing and get connected. The last traits that she had shared is to have strategic thinking by having the ability to think, act, and influence others in ways that promotes lasting success, and be visible and meaningful to others around you.

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