Rawa Simprug Area

Located behind Pertamina University campus, Rawa Simprug area is about 500-900 meters away and can be reached by foot or accessed using a motorized vehicle because of the adequate road space for vehicles to pass. Rawa Simprug area is a strategic place to look for housing because it provides several residential options ranging from boarding to rented houses with a price range of Rp. 700,000 – Rp 2,000,000 per month. Apart from that, students will also find plenty of places to eat and shop for daily necessities, with public transportation and Pertamina University campus area of course. Social life in the Rawa Simprug is quite religious considering that there are many places of worship available and also frequent religious recitals held in the area, supporting the peace, safety and conducive of Rawa Simprug area.

Kweni Area (Orange)

The Kweni area is located near the Kebayoran Lama area with a distance of 1.5 – 2 KM from Pertamina University. This area can be accessed using a motorized vehicle or by foot with a travel time of 20-30 minutes via the Rawa Simprug road. Its location is adjacent to the Kebayoran Lama highway making the area easy to be accessed by public transportation. In this area, you will also find a variety of culinary choices, as well as places to shop for daily necessities. Near the Kweni area there are also places of worship and sports centers, with a futsal centre being one of it.

Permata Hijau Area (Light Green)

The Permata Hijau area is 2 – 2.5 KM away from Pertamina University and can be accessed using motorized vehicles via highway. To get to this area, you can also use public transportation such as Busway by boarding the bus on Simprug Bus Stop and disembark at Permata Hijau Bus Stop in front of ITC Permata Hijau. Permata Hijau area provides various types of residential options ranging from boarding and rented houses to apartments. Boarding and rented houses in this area will require you to go into narrower alleys in the area, the location makes the rent cheaper which ranges from about Rp.700,000 per month and is more easily accessible by two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles. The location is quite strategic because it is close to the ITC Permata Hijau shopping center and Bellezza Shopping Arcade that provides you with endless choices of food and places to shop for your daily needs.

Stasiun Kebayoran Area (Dark Blue)

Stasiun Kebayoran Area is a densely populated area with a lot of small alleys that can only be accessed by foot or by motorcycle (We do not recommend accessing this area by car). In this area, you will find many boarding or rented houses available at affordable prices. This area is also located in a strategic location with a close proximity to the Kebayoran Station and the Old Kebayoran Market where you can find cheap food options (Rp 10,000 – Rp 15,000/portion), mini markets, laundry (Rp 6,000 – Rp 8,000/kilograms), printing places, internet cafes and also futsal fields that you can rent per hour. Pertamina University campus can be reached by foot or public transportation such as commuter line, Kopaja and Busway from the Kebayoran station.

Patal Senayan Area (Yellow)

Patal Senayan area is a residential area, making the roads accessible by motorized vehicles such as motorcycles and cars. You can find many big houses that have been turned into boarding houses with middle and upper price range. This area is strategically located behind the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium and 2.5 km from the Pertamina University campus. Patal Senayan area can be reached within 5 minutes by a car. You will find several cheap food stalls (Rp 10,000 – Rp 15,000/portion), Minimarkets such as Indomaret, laundry (Rp 6,000 – 8,000/kilograms), and main mosque called the Jami Al Ikhlas Mosque that is located in the middle of the boarding house are. Making it easier for students to pray in congregation on time.

Tanah Kusir Area (Light Orange)

Tanah Kusir Area is a residential area that is located near the Gandaria City Mall and Pondok Indah Mall. The distance between Tanah Kusir and Pertamina University Simprug Campus is around 4 to 6 Km. This area can be accessed by busway or vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. In this area, you will easily find different food stalls, convenience stores, and laundries.

Gandaria City Mall Area (Dark Grey

This area is located near the Gandaria City Mall and several private campuses such as Satya Negara Indonesia University and Dr. Hamka Muhammadiyah University. The distance between this area and Pertamina University Simprug campus is around 4-6 km making the access quite easy by vehicles such as motorcycles or cars. Due to its close proximity to another private campus, this area is a suitable area for Pertamina University students to stay. You will find many street vendors, convenience stores, as well as cafes, restaurants and laundry with various price ranges.

Radio Dalam Area (Light Blue)

Radio Dalam Area is located around 4-6 km from Pertamina University and is of close proximity to the Gandaria and Tanah Kusir areas. You can find middle and upper housing complexes and dense settlements. Although densely populated, the environment is relatively comfortable to live in, it’s just that there are a lot of small roads only accessible by foot or small vehicles like motorcycles. You can also go to a commercial complex called Radio Dalam Road where you can find many shops, eateries and shopping centers.

Housing In Kebon Jeruk And Palmerah Area (Pink)

Kebon Jeruk And Palmerah Area is known for housing a substantial number of offices and locations. This makes Kebon Jeruk and Palmerah Area very strategic locations for boarding houses that caters to the needs of employees and students from surrounding offices and institutions. In this area, you will find a variety of boarding facilities ranging from simple boarding houses to five-star hotels. In addition, this area is in close proximity to various public facilities such as restaurants, mini markets, public transportation, mosques and other places. In terms of public transport, this area is accessible by students by first taking the Mikrolet 09, and transferring to Mikrolet B 17, Transjakarta bus or Metromini 70. If you have a private vehicle, you will reach this place within 15-20 minutes.

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