Showing Off Edutainment Concept, Universitas Pertamina Gains The Second Best In IIETS Exhibition 2020

Jakarta – 6th-9th of February 2020, Universitas Pertamina participates in the 29th Indonesia International Education Training and Scholarship Expo 2020 (IIETS) that is conducted at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Senayan, Jakarta. About 30,739 visitors join in the exhibition.

IIETS is an educational and training exhibition that aims for students or just people, in general, to get legitimate information or consult about universities, professional training, and education institutions to continue their education to a diploma, undergraduate, and master.

This year, Universitas Pertamina’s booth carries the theme ‘Edutainment’ (Education and Entertainment). The education concept shows research results that have been conducted by Universitas Pertamina students and are shown through a mini-lab inside the booth. Meanwhile, the entertainment concept shows some mini-games such as virtual reality and matrix photo that can be enjoyed for any visitor that passes by. Other than that, our visitors also get 30% off on the registration fee for the March 2020 Examination period when registering themselves on the spot.

Other than giving information about the administration for the year 2020/2021, either through a paper-based or computer-based test, Universitas Pertamina is also delivering information about the excellences of each major, lecture system and curriculum, internship programs, and study abroad programs.

Universitas Pertamina has succeeded in achieving the second-best of the most interesting booth after the University of Indonesia (UI). Our rector, Prof. Akhmaloka Ph.D., on his visit to the booth is proudly appreciating the enthusiasm of the visitors during the exhibition.


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