Pertamina University Students Achieve The Third Place and Best Speaker at the GEOTRAP 2019

Jakarta – The teams of Geology Engineering 2016 and Geophysical Engineering 2017 of Pertamina University have won some achievements at the Geoscience Trip and Paper Competition (GEOTRAP) 2019 which happened on 7th-8th of October 2019, namely by winning The Third Place as well as The Best Interpreter in Seismic Interpretation Competition, and The Best Speaker in Paper Competition.

GEOTRAP is an annual geography science competition held by Padjajaran University. Pertamina University sent 2 teams, Team Tam for Seismic Interpretation Competition and Team Metamorph for Paper Competition. Team Tam that is consisting of Alfie Fitrahadi (Geology Engineering) and Jakfar Husin Almuhdar (Geophysical Engineering) wins The Third Place as well as The Best Interpreter in Seismic Interpretation Competition. In addition, Erwin Fernanda (Geophysical Engineering) is representing Team Metamorph, also successfully wins as The Best Speaker in Paper Competition with the title “Seismotectonic Analysis in The Triple Junction of Papua through SIGAP 1.0 (Software Interactive Geoscience with Analysis Phyton): As A Foundation For Advanced Mitigation To Create A Responsive Indonesia To Natural Disaster”.

The mechanism of the Seismic Interpretation Competition consists of two rounds. First-round is the elimination. Participants are given a case of a seismic cross-section. Then, they are asked to interpret and answer a couple of questions from the juries related to the case. The next round is the final round, leaving only 9 teams from various of universities, such as Bandung Institute of Technology (3 teams), University of Indonesia (2 teams), Diponegoro University (2 teams), Padjajaran University (1 team), and Pertamina University (1 team). This round ends with a presentation session to deliver their results in front of the juries.

Meanwhile, for the Paper Competition, they are asked to send abstracts which then are being selected to determine which team that will go to the next round to deliver their whole ideas through a full paper and will be presented in the final round. In the final round, there are only 10 selected teams, such as Bandung Institute of Technology (5 teams), Brawijaya University (1 team), Padjajaran University (1 team), Yogyakarta National Development University (2 teams), and Pertamina University (1 team).

Vice-Rector 1 of Academic and Student Affairs of Pertamina University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ichsan Setya Putra, is rejoicing over the achievements Pertamina University students have got. “Surely this is a proud moment because, at this relatively young age, Pertamina University is able to compete with other older universities. In the future, Pertamina University students will be going even more further to enhance their thinking skills, interpersonal skills, and meta-skills through much more academic activities and training to develop their careers in industry 4.0”, he added.


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