Pertamina University INSTASHOW: Personal Branding Through Instagram

JakartaOn November 16, 2019, Pertamina University Communication Study Program through Pertamina University Communication Student Association (Himakom UP) held a talk show titled “Instagram Talk Show (INSTASHOW)” with the theme of personal branding, and how to represent yourself on Instagram. The talk show was held in the Auditorium Room on the 3rd floor of Griya Legita building, Pertamina University.

The event invited 3 interesting speakers namely Nikko Ilham and Ijoeel who are a Photographer and Content Creator, also one of the lecturers of Universitas Pertamina  Study Program, Dr. Adde Oriza Rio, M.Si.

The opening of the talk show was started with Dr. Adde regards the basic principle of self-representation. Then proceed with Nikko Ilham and Ijoeel who took Instagram and personal branding in a discussion. At the end of the talk show session, participants were given the challenge to take a photo with an interesting branding point of view. After that, two of the participants with the best photo frames will be posted in their Instagram story and given an attractive prize from the committee. 

This talk show is expected to add insight and the ability to build the participant’s self-image on social media, especially Instagram, which it’s used has become a part of people’s lives.


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