Pertamina University Hosts 2019 World Indonesia Scholarship (WISH) Festival

Jakarta World Indonesia Scholarship (WISH) is the first largest series of annual scholarship activities in Indonesia that bring together scholarship hunters, awardees, communities or organizations, scholarship providers, to governments who care about scholarships and education. The series of activities are packaged in the form of Scholarship Forums, Scholarship Workshops & Seminars, Scholarship Supermentors, and Scholarship & Education Expo free of charge with collaboration from the Indonesian Scholarship Network (ISN), Mata Garuda LPDP, Sahabat Beasiswa, and various institutions engaged in education especially scholarships

This year, WISH together with Lokalate from Nutrifood in collaboration with Pertamina University held a scholarship festival with the theme “WISH Festival 2019” Which took place at the Pertamina University Complex on November 8th to 9th, 2019.

WISH Festival 2019 has hopes that the information dissemination of scholarships in the world can reach people in Indonesia. Scholarship information provided includes government institutions such as ministries, embassies, private companies, foundations, and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), thus providing opportunities for young people in Indonesia to get scholarships. As well as being one of the right steps in realizing the great ideals of our country that is preparing “The Indonesian Golden Generation in 2045″. This festival was also a moment to award the award certificate for WISH from the Indonesian Record Museum (Muri) with the category of ” Scholarship Festival with the Most Locations in Indonesia”.

The opening of the WISH festival includes Prof. Dr. Ir. Ichsan Setya Putra, Deputy Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs at Pertamina University; Prof. Dr. Ali Ghufron Mukti, M.Sc., Ph.D., Director-General of High Technology Science and Education Resources (SDID), Ministry of Research, Technology and the Education Tiggi Republic of Indonesia; Prof. Ainun Na’im, Ph. D, M.B.A, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education; Akbar Nikmatullah Dachlan, National Chair of the 2019 WISH Festival; several CEOs of corporate sponsors and local and international scholarships including Nutrifood, PT Paragon Technology, and Innovation, Mata Garuda LPDP, AAI, LPDP, Scooters, etc.

According to the Vice-Chancellor I for Academic and Student Affairs of Pertamina University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ichsan Setya Putra, education is one of the important factors in Indonesia’s change. By participating, the University of Pertamina as the host of the 2019 Jakarta WISH Festival, Pertamina University has given way to the young generation of Indonesia to develop their potential, especially in accessing education to the fullest. He also added, “We, a family of Pertamina University, are very happy to be the hosts of the biggest Scholarship Expo in Indonesia. Hopefully, this event can provide great benefits for all students in our beloved country” he concluded.

Pertamina University has 6 faculties and 15 study programs created curriculum-based energy industry needs. Pertamina University was founded with the hope of becoming a world-class university engaged in business and energy technology.

Pertamina University also provides various types of scholarships for students, including Invitation Scholarships, Economic Scholarships, Achievement Scholarships, Excellent Semester Scholarships, Continuing Study Scholarships, etc.


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