I am interested in attending counseling sessions, how?

There are several ways, check here!


Schedule of counseling sessions:

  1. Monday – Thursday: counseling session with the Counselor Lecturer
  2. Friday: counseling session with a psychologist

* Schedules can be seen in the picture on the side!

For students who want to know the available counseling schedules, please check and pay attention to the calendar that can be accessed from the following link, counseling schedules that is unavailable (booked) will appear on the calendar.

Link: Click the column below!

Here are two OPTIONS to register for the counseling session.


You can send a Direct Message (DM) to @Konseling.up on Instagram with the format:
Name, NIM, Study Program & Counseling Schedule desired

Via BK Instagram account as follows:

Link : https://www.instagram.com/konseling.up/?hl=id


You can fill the FORM in the following link:

Link : http://bit.ly/up-bk_form

Confirmation of available slot in the counseling schedule will be sent via Guidance Counseling email to students who applied for the counseling.

Note: Please fill in the email and contact number that is contactable when filling out the Form

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