Nature Lovers Student Activity Unit

Pertamina University Nature Lovers (Environmentalists) Student Activity Unit (UKM) known as “AKSAMALA” was established on September 20, 2016, by a group of students who wanted to cultivate the importance of environmental consciousness and sustainability and improve the quality of human resources in the scope of Pertamina university. The name “AKSAMALA” is a Sanskrit word which means the Sign of Chastity and Purity, which is analogous to the sacred or positive vision and mission of this organization. “AKSAMALA” is not only focused on exploring nature and going on adventures, but also in the importance of caring for the nature and environment itself.  “AKSAMALA” organizes activities such as:

  1. Mountain Climbing
  2. Rock Climbing
  3. Cave Diving
  4. Reforestation and Community Counseling to raise awareness of the community on how our lifestyle can really affect environmental sustainability and ways to protect our environment.

Alam mengajarkan kita banyak hal, sehingga, melalui kegiatan pecinta alam, karakter dapat terbentuk dengan baik.

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