Mechanical Engineering Student Association

The Mechanical Engineering Student Association consists of all students who are undertaking/obtaining S1/Bachelor Degree education in the Mechanical Engineering Study Program.

Activities or events conducted in the Mechanical Engineering Student Association adheres to the principles of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education which covers all aspects that consists of education, research and community service.



Cultivating professionalism, loyalty and solidarity in each and every student of Pertamina University Mechanical Engineering in order to supply the human resources in the energy sector with the best mechanical engineers that adheres to the value of character, excellence, proactivity, prestige and also a global mindset.


  1. Integration of all the students in Mechanical Student Association.
  2. Instill a spirit of loyalty and solidarity by creating a familial atmosphere in every activity held by the mechanical engineering student association.
  3. Sharpen each ability possessed by each students in Pertamina University Mechanical Engineering Study Program by accommodating, developing and assisting in their specific interests or talents.
  4. Community empowerment as support for the country and nation.

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