Management Student Association

Management Student Association consists of all Pertamina University Management Study Program students who are still currently pursuing their S1/Bachelor Degree program.

The main activities of this association consists of academic and non-academic activities that includes:

  1. Improving student academic quality
  2. Increasing the performance of management students in competitions / competitions both within and outside the campus
  3. Improving students’ research abilities


  1. 3rd Place in the general category in New and Renewable Energy Technology and Business Innovation Challenges (NREC) by Industrial Engineering (Rekin) 2017
  2. Top 15 on News Writing- # 15 Day of Energy-ESDM (#15HariCeritaEnergi)
  3. Top 14 Marketing-WowCase Competition-Markplus
  4. 1st Place in Kumite in the South Jakarta Keurda level at the National Karate Open Tournament “Silent Knight”
  5. 1st Place in debate competition at the dies natalies of Pertamina University 1.0


Establishing a Management Study Program that excels in both academic and non-academic fields by prioritizing the values ​​of integrity, creativity and solidarity for their members.


  1. Establishing strong bonds between all members in the study program.
  2. Acting as vessel/support system to the Pertamina University Management Study Program students in order for them to develop their talents by implementing various trainings.
  3. Developing the creativity of Pertamina University Management Study Program Students by providing them with various work programs and competitions.
  4. Instilling a visionary organizational culture
  5. Establishing relationships with the academic community both internally and externally.

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