In Guest Lecture at Universitas Pertamina, Prof Emil Salim, Delivers The Opportunities of Energy Use and Environmental Sustainability in Indonesia

Jakarta – International Relations Major is inviting over Prof Emil Salim, M.A, Ph.D., as a keynote speaker in the lecture ‘Energy Use and Environmental Sustainability’. This lecture occurs on 4th of November, 2019 at Auditorium 3rd floor, Griya Legita Building, Universitas Pertamina.

He used to be The State Minister of Development and Environmental Supervision of the Republic of Indonesia in the year of 1979-1993. This lecture is also joined by Novita Putri Rudiany, M.A, the lecturer of International Relations, as the moderator.

In his lecture, Prof. Emil says that energy improvement is supposed to align with infrastructure improvement that has to be service-oriented in the environmental sustainability field. One of the approaches to optimize that concern is to develop the quality of human resources followed by the pilar number one that the government has issued. The quality of human resources can be developed by improving the way of thinking and supporting the curriculum notably the reading habit. In the environment field, the fact that the Java Sea is almost drowning in 2035 ahead, we were supposed to find the solution a bit early. For instance, we have to work on alleviating the carbon emission production therefore the surface of Java Island will not go lower than the sea level.

Universitas Pertamina students seem quite enthusiastic about enjoying Prof Emil’s experiences when he was in the ministry and studying in the colonization era.

Prof Emil also sends a message to the students that studying at Universitas Pertamina is such a nice opportunity they should be thankful for. “Use up every chance at your maximum efforts to get better knowledge and insight. Because the future is the world that is overpowered by science and technology. And Indonesia can not be colonized anymore by them who have those two powerful things. Skills come along with a strong desire. Master science-technology and get Universitas Pertamina to be the trailblazer to advance our nation. Keep good work!”, he said.


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