Help the Society to Break the Distribution Chain of COVID-19, Pertamina University Distribute Free Hand Sanitizer to the people of South Grogol

Jakarta – As the increases number of COVID-19 positive patients in Indonesia, the public makes massive purchases of the product considered able to prevent transmission of viruses, in this case, products such as masks, soaps, multi-vitamin, and hand sanitizers are the most wanted items during to the pandemic. As a result, these products are scarce. If available on the market, the price is soared. Hand sanitizers as an example, the price itself has risen to 400% from the initial price in most of the stores.

In response, Pertamina University has produced hand sanitizers at the Integrated Chemistry laboratory of Chemistry Study Program since March 16, 2020. The product consists of mixture antiseptic ingredients of 96% alcohol, H2O2, glycerol, and sterilized aqua, as well as a mixture fragrance that is safe for the skin. The ingredients able to kill bacteria and viruses by disabling the protein tissue in bacteria and viruses, also to stimulates denaturation process that cause bacteria and viruses to unravel.

Besides being used in the campus area, on April 2, 2020, Pertamina University also distributed 21 Liter free hand sanitizers to the society around the campus. The distribution was carried out in two main points, namely in RT 09 RW 12 and RT 03 RW 12, South Grogol Village, Kebayoran Lama District, South Jakarta. The distribution of hand sanitizers was done as a form of Pertamina University’s contribution to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 as well as efforts to break the chain of COVID-19 spreads.

Head of the University of Pertamina’s Research, Community Service and Innovation Institute (LPPMI), Wahyu Agung Pramudito, Ph.D. handed over this hand sanitizer production will continue to keep on going by the hand of lecturers and staff. “Hopefully, amid to the scarcity of hand sanitizer, especially for the society around the campus area will be helped by Pertamina University’s hand sanitizer products in hopes of breaking the chain of COVID-19 spreads,” he concluded.


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