Geological Engineering Student Association

Geological Engineering Student Association consists of students from the Geological Engineering Study Program, this student association aims to be a vessel that provides students with the ability to harness their knowledge and self development, by implementing the principle of the Tri Dharma of higher education. Geophysical Engineering Student Association acts as a vessel for its members to develop their interests and talents in order to attain stellar achievements and to be pride and joy of Pertamina University & the Study Program.


Establishing academics as aspiring geology experts who apply the Tridharma of education as well as possessing the knowledge of how to become a reliable national and state leader.


  1. Creating a harmonious and dynamic relationship with all stakeholders relating to student affairs.
  2. Establishing an independent and responsible student organization
  3. Playing an active role in the movement of the student affairs, accelerating the debriefing and education of Pertamina University Geological Engineering Students in regards to professional principles/professionalism as well as the knowledge to become leaders of the nation and country.

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