Futsal Student Activity Unit

Pertamina University Futsal Student Activity Unit (UKM) was established to act as a vessel to develop and accommodate the talents and interests of Pertamina University Students in futsal with the aim of gaining victory and achievements and being the pride and joy Pertamina University. The activities or events held within and by Futsal Student Activity Unit is as centered around:

  1. Futsal Training routine/program
  2. Gatherings
  3. UPFC (Pertamina University Futsal Competition).


  1. Top 8 Club (8 besar) in Inter-university futsal competitions (ECLIPSE) in Gor Bulungan, South Jakarta,
  2. 2nd place in the Universiade Universitas Indonesia CUP 2017 competition held in the University of Indonesia
  3. 2nd Place in UPFC (Pertamina University Futsal Competition)  in the year of 2017.

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