Dean of the Faculty of Science & Computer Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Rer. Nat. Awali Priyono

The Faculty of Science and Computer focuses on basic and applied scientific research for future energy development. Studies at the Faculty of Science and Computer Sciences includes material development, processing of oil and gas products, computing, and information systems that supports the energy business and technology. To support this cause, the Faculty of Science and Computer has two study programs namely the Chemical and Computer Science Study Program.

Pertamina University Chemistry Study Program focuses on future energy education and research which includes the synthesis and engineering of new materials both theoretically and experimentally. The Chemistry Study Program equips students with a strong understanding of chemistry with the opportunity to conduct internships and research in companies in the energy sector and research laboratories in Pertamina University.

Pertamina University Computer Sciences Study Program produce graduates who are competent in the field of information technology and computational science. In addition to the field of information technology that is commonly renowned, the field of computational science appears in the field of Pertamina University Computer Sciences studies as a bridge between experimental, theory, and applied science.

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