Dean of the Faculty of Exploration & Production Technology

Prof. Dr. Rer. Nat. Awali Priyono

Pertamina University Faculty Production & Exploration Technology is a faculty that focuses on exploration and production of energy and mineral resources, geotechnics, and natural disaster mitigation. The Faculty offers three study programs, namely Geophysical Engineering, Geological Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. Pertamina University’s Faculty of Exploration and Production Technology emphasizes the importance of integration between the three study programs and the spirit of teamwork in order to have the ability to answer and resolve future energy challenges.

The Geophysical Engineering Study Program integrates the fields of geology, physics, mathematics, instrumentation, and computing to study the subsurface system of the earth in relation to exploration and production of energy sources. Geophysical Science and Technology is also implemented in the exploration of new and renewable energy, mitigating natural disasters, and solving engineering and environmental problems. Geophysical Engineering Study Program graduates have the expertise to respond to energy challenges of the future that is established by the education process that promotes multi-disciplinary integration and support from national and international energy industries.

Pertamina University Geological Engineering Study Program studies the earth, along with its composition, structure, physical and chemical properties, and its formation process. The application of this science plays an important role in the exploration and production of natural resources of metals, non-metals, as well as new and renewable energy. Pertamina University Geological Engineering Study Program has the advantage among other study programs of being supported by national energy and mining companies.

Pertamina University Petroleum Engineering Study Program focuses on developing science and technology to explore and produce both fossil energy, new and renewable energy. The scientific scope of petroleum engineering includes the application of drilling techniques, reservoir engineering, production techniques, and formation evaluation techniques in the oil and gas and geothermal industries.


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