Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Diplomacy

Prof. Dr. Ir. Dermawan Wibisono, M.Eng

Pertamina University Faculty of Communication and Diplomacy consists of two study programs, namely: Communication and Internal Relations. Pertamina University Faculty of Communication and Diplomacy focuses on the communication in the field of energy business. This faculty not only emphasizes the knowledge and learning skills, but also on character building, thinking and leadership skills of the students through workshops and lectures that are based on fulfilling core competencies in the field of energy business.

The Communication Science Study Program was established along with the establishment of Pertamina University on February 11 of 2016. The Communication Science Study Program is a manifestation of Pertamina University’s commitment to answer increasingly complex challenges in the energy and social industry sector. The Pertamina University Communication Study Program is designed to produce professionals, both as practitioners and academics who has the ability to provide solutions to industrial and social problems. Due to great circumstance of the availability of facility support and close relation with the energy industry, Pertamina University Communication Study has the advantage of having a curriculum design and learning process that is correlated to the cases that occur in the energy industry especially in regards to Risk Management.

The International Relations Study Program is an interdisciplinary science that studies the relationship between international actors from all aspects which focuses on politics and diplomacy between nations or the international political economy. The existence and knowledge of the science of Human Relations is essential for Indonesians and world citizens alike, considering the open-mindedness of this current era and the immense and wide influence worldwide of the occuring various local and international developments. International Relations Study Program prides ourselves in implementing the importance of the advancement of Indonesia’s position and significance on the international political stage to the core study material and excellence of learning by instilling the importance of accuracy and sensitivity of strategic analysis to students.

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