Pertamina University’s Excellence

Pertamina University’s excellences are explained as follows:

  1. The curriculum and learning process are designed to instill critical thinking and complex problem-solving abilities through technology & energy business-related assignments and projects.
  2. UP’s learning environment helps to build students’ character through technology & energy business-related assignments and projects.
  3. UP’s learning environment instills character building through five moral values; Integrity, Excellence, Professionalism, Global Mindset and Social Responsibility.
  4. In accordance with ASEAN Economic Community and in order to become a world-class university, UP uses bilingual learning system to its students (Bahasa Indonesia and English). In the second year, the students will be taught in English.
  5. Pertamina University is supported by staff and teachers who graduated from top universities (domestic & overseas).
  6. Pertamina University provides its students the best facilities in order to support their learning experience.
  7. The top graduates will be given the opportunity to work with PERTAMINA.


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