Electrical Engineering Student Association

Electrical Engineering Student Association consists of all Electrical Engineering students who are currently undertaking or have taken a S1/Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering that consists of passive members and active members consisting of young active members and senior active members, special members, and honorary members.

The main activity of this association aims to improve the quality of human resources in Electrical Engineering students by conducting debriefing and equipping students with required knowledges in the fields of science, organization, and creativity in order to become a student association that is a role model for all Pertamina University students especially in the field of Electrical Engineering.


  1. 1st Place in the 1st Anniversary Logo Competition at Pertamina University
  2. 2nd Place in the UPSTRACT Essay Competition
  3. 3rd Place in the Social Campaign Competition
  4. 3rd Place in the Business Plan of REKINNOVATION 2017 “New and Renewable Energy Innovation Challenge”
  5. 1st Runner Up in the UNM GRAVITATION Writing Work
  6. Best Participant in Sriwijaya International Leadership Forum
  7. 10 finalist in 2016 PAMADIKSI National Essay
  8. Bronze Medal in the Mathematical Analysis and Geometry Day Competition (ITB 2018)


Cultivating integrity, knowledge, creativity, responsibility and altruism in each and every student of Pertamina University Electrical Engineering.


  1. Establishing Pertamina University Electrical Engineering Student Association as a place/vessel of organization and socialization between Electrical Engineering students
  2. Accommodate and take into consideration the aspirations of all elements of Pertamina’s Electrical Engineering
  3. Enhancing the ability and creativity of each member of the Pertamina University Electrical Engineering Student Association
  4. Building relationships and connections by increasing various collaborations, both internally within the campus and external of the campus.

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