Computer Sciences Student Association

This computer sciences student association consists of all students who are undertaking/obtaining S1/Bachelor Degree education in the Computer Sciences Study Program. The main purpose of this association is to support positive and purposeful character development of computer science students to enhance their credibility and practicality in their post-campus endeavors.


Creating a high solidarity and proactive student association in accordance with the values of Pertamina University.


  1. Facilitating students in various activities organized by Pertamina University
  2. Organizing activities that trains students in enhancing their soft-skills, hard-skills, and life-skills.
  3. Uphold the values ​​of Pertamina University in every single student association activities.

Work Program in the Technology and Information Department

  1. Boot Comp
    Web Programming Classes, Graphic Design, Mobile Programming, Office Application

Work Program in the Media and Information Department

  1. Social Media Maintenance
  2. Offline!
  3. IO-stream
  4. Documentation
  5. Graphic design

Work Program in the Internal Department

  1. Family Division, has an activity program consisting of:
    1. CS Sport
    2. CS Gath
    3. HalalBihalal (Forgiveness Gathering)
    4. Welcoming Maba (New Student)
    5. 1 Day 1 Communication Studies (Ilkom)


  1. Division of Human Resource Development has an activity program consisting of:
    1. Leadership Training
    2. Career Introduction
    3. Introduction of Latest Technology
    4. Life Skill Training
    5. PBB (Programmer Belajar Bareng) (Programmer Studying Together)

Work Program in the Entrepreneurship Department

  1. Conventional Division
    SMAF (Sell Merchandise, Accessories, and Food)
  1. Non-Conventional Division
    1. SAGAWIR (Credit & Voucher Games Entrepreneurship)
    2. WAIT (Watching TV Let’s Go)
    3. E-LINK (Entrepreneur Link)
    4. E-Trade (Entrepreneur Trading)

Work Program in the Advocacy and External Relations Department

  1. Relations and Cooperation Division
    1. Box PAS (Problem, Aspiration, and Suggestion)
  1. Advocacy Division
    1. Advocacy Command Post (Short Term Program)
  1. Community Service Division
    1. MPL (Mahasiswa Peduli Lingkungan) (Students Care for the Environment)
    2. Sharing Section
    3. BPB (Buka Puasa Bersama) (Break the Fast Together)
    4. Community Training
    5. Disaster and Emergency Response

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