Community Service Club Student Activity Unit (KSR)

“ Pertamina University Community Club Student Activity Unit (UKM) (Korps Suka Rela (KSR)) is a part of the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI)) unit which serves as a place/vessel and community for ordinary members and individuals with the realization that they are involved in KSR based on their own will and awareness. “ –

In general, the activities held by KSR are centered around Indonesian Red Cross activities which consists of:

  1. Basic, advanced and specialized training, such as disaster response units (satgana) as the foundation for the implementation of relief/assistance in an organized unit with the focus on the field of Disaster Management, Social Services and Public Health.
  2. Organizing voluntary blood donation activities,
  3. First aid in accidents and disasters
  4. Services to community-based programs.

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