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Pertamina University Student Choir ( Paduan Suara Mahasiswa (PSM)) is one of the Student Activity Units established by Pertamina University with the purpose to serve as a place/vessel for students to appreciate and channel their talents and interests, especially in the field of vocal music and singing.

Members of this Choir will have the opportunity to develop their interests and talents through competitions, in-campus and orchestral groups performance. In addition, Student Choirs were also formed to fulfill the internal tasks of Pertamina University by performing in Pertamina University protocol events such as the Inauguration of New Students and Graduation. The activities and events organized and carried out by Student Choir consists of:

  1. Vocal training routine/program
  2. Preparations for in-campus concerts
  3. Preparations for regional, national and international choir competitions.

Participating in this Student Choir will provide members with many opportunities to hone their leadership values ​​and soft skills that will add value to each member of this Choir.


5th Place in the choir category at the 11th national folklore festival held by the faculty of economics and business of University of Indonesia

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