Chemistry Student Association

Chemistry Student Association (HMK)  UPGRICS consists of all chemistry study program students who are still currently active in the Directorate of Academic and Student Affairs of Pertamina University.

The main activity of this association focuses on the scope of professionalism and science in the field of chemistry which includes three scopes, namely regeneration activities, activities for developing interests and talents, and community service/social activities.


    Passed ONMIPA Selection at PT Kopertis Region in Chemistry
  1. Passed the Danristekdikti PKM Grant in 2018 in the Research field
  2. Two bronze medals at the 2018 Presidential Presidency
  3. Favorite Champion/Winner in DIAGRAM Radio Broadcasting Competition at UNTAR 2018


Pertamina University Chemistry Student Association (HMK) UPGRICS Pertamina University strives to be a pioneer of a synergic movement with the purpose to achieve independence.


    Cultivating leadership skills in each member.
  1. Facilitating and accommodating members in working according to their respective interests and talents, especially in the scope of profession and science in the field of chemistry.
  2. Building a solid association that possesses integrity.

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