Chemistry Engineering Student Association

Chemistry Engineering Student Association consists of all Pertamina University Chemical Engineering students who are actively enrolled in the Chemistry Engineering Study Program.

The main activities of this association aims to play a role in the means of cultivating self-development, creativity and independence of each and every student. These activities are expected to be able to accommodate and meet the needs for scientific development, interests, hobbies, student welfare and community service.


Establishing Chemical Engineering Student Association as a place/vessel to develop individual abilities of each and every chemical engineering student that is based on the value of high sense of responsibility and harmony.


  1. Improving the quality of reliable cadres to enter the field of study of chemical engineering
  2. Optimizing and developing the capabilities of each and every qualified chemical engineering students
  3. Establishing good relations by strengthening relationships with other organizations both within Pertamina University and outside of Pertamina University Chemical Engineering program.
  4. Cultivating harmony between students of Pertamina University Chemical Engineering and the academic community of Pertamina University.

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