Achievements of Universitas Pertamina’s Students in the 2020 Oil and Gas Intellectual Parade

Jakarta – Oil and Gas Intellectual Parade (OGIP) is an annual international event that holds various competitions regarding the topic of oil and gas. This event was held by Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Yogyakarta, who had partnered up with SPE SC, IATMI SM, dan API SM UPN “Veteran” for this year’s event on the 16th of January – 18th of January 2020.

Pertamina University sent three teams to compete in the category of International Plan of Development Competition, International Smart Competition, and International Reservoir Simulation Competition. The team who undertook the International Plan of Development Competition won first place with their analysis about the process of developing an oil field which consists of geological analysis, prediction of oil productions, the equipment needed for production until the CSR and HSE that follows the guidelines of the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities Republic of Indonesia (SKK Migas). The team was made up of Edrian Surya Wibisono, Muhammad Farhantio Zaini, Ignatius Wahyu Aji W, and Vini Nandi Rahma from Petroleum Engineering Departement; as well as Alfie Fitrahadi K. from Geology Engineering Departement. Politeknik Energi dan Mineral Akamigas Cepu and Universitas Islam Riau are the runners-ups of this competition.

The International Smart Competition is a debate of knowledge and insights between teams concerning the petroleum and geothermal industry. Muhammad Rafi, M. Kinan Fadrian, and Hana Oktavia Megadewi who are students of Pertamina University from Petroleum Engineering Departement entered this competition as a team and won second place, wherein the first and third place was won by Institut Teknologi Bandung.

The team that was made up of Prima Adhi Surya, Aldi Adzan Fauzan Ridwan, and Yudistira Akbar who are students of Pertamina University from the Petroleum Engineering Departement won third place after Institut Teknologi Bandung and Teknologi Sains Bandung in the International Reservoir Simulation Competition.  Unlike the other two competitions mentioned above, this competition is a simulation of a study that is carried out on the rock layers of the reservoir to see the flow of hydrocarbons in that area and see its potential in storing them.

“The oil and gas competition has a positive impact on our students as they are challenged by the judges on the knowledge that they have gained in class, which prompts them to have a solution for the problem at hand,” said Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Awali Priyono, as Dean of the Faculty of Exploration Technology and Production and the Faculty of Science and Computer of Universitas Pertamina who is proud of the international achievements that the students of Pertamina University have achieved.

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