3rd Dies Natalis of Pertamina University

Jakarta – Universities continue to experience development and transformation with the changes and challenges that surfaces with time.  After going through three generations of transformation in response to challenges that surfaces as time goes on, namely: Humboldtian University, teaching university, and research university, now universities are required to transform into fourth generation universities which are referred to as entrepreneurial universities.

It is written in history that universities play a very important role as social aligners in the journey of a nation. Higher education can be a driving force for a social dynamic, and on the other hand can be a buffer for certain social dynamics. During this time, the role of higher education is formulated through the concept of Tri Dharma of Higher Education. The Tri Dharma of Higher Education focuses on three key points – Education, research and community service. Education acts as a foundation to increase the potential of human resources, Research acts as a means to develop new knowledge, whereas community service acts as an estuary so that science can contribute to the good of society.

In this era of disruption, universities are required to contribute more in providing public services through applied research results, the birth of new organizations or start-up companies that can be a solution to the nation’s problems namely optimal employment, and the institutionalization of business incubators and the development of startup companies. This is in line with one of the Pertamina University missions which was established on February 1, 2016, which is to contribute to world civilization through scientific development and research.

On the 3rd anniversary of Pertamina University on February 1, 2019, Pertamina University Rector, Prof. Akhmaloka, Ph.D, said that in this 3rd year Pertamina University is preparing itself towards an entrepreneurial university. To achieve this goal, good synergy and cooperation between universities, industry and government is needed. Industry can provide programs and budgets for conducting research activities, and universities can contribute by providing the human resources to conduct research and produce innovation, and the government can encourage collaboration in research activities through institutional cooperation and incentives for universities and industry.

“In order to become an entrepreneurial university, Pertamina University has established partnerships with industry, government, and professional associations with expertise.”

Throughout 2018, Pertamina University also sent students to some of the best foreign universities through internship and student exchange programs, which includes exchanges programs to : Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) in Japan, National Institute of Technology (NITAC) Akashi College in Japan, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) in Taiwan, and PETRONAS University of Technology (UTP) in Malaysia.

Pertamina University graduates are expected to not only be able to contribute the development of science and technology that has a great impact on the progress of the nation, but also to have readiness in facing competition in the ASEAN and global regions.

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